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We use only the freshest coffee beans—a blend of dark, rich espresso and medium roasted coffee from the mountains of Guerrero. We grind our whole coffee beans for the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee in Acapulco.

American Coffee: a blend of our finest coffee beans - freshly brewed.
rich, dark-roasted espresso beans - when you need a lift!
coffee, steamed milk, froth - with a cinnamon smile!
Spanish Coffee:
coffee, Kahlúa, Brandy & vanilla ice cream.
Acapulco Coffee:
coffee, Kahlúa, Rum & coconut ice cream.
Sexy Coffee
: coffee, Kahlúa, Whiskey & whipped cream.

All of our desserts are prepared fresh daily, especially for our restaurant. Try our rich flan Napolitano or vanilla ice cream covered in Kahlúa.

Vanilla Flan: Vanilla custard covered with caramel.
Coconut Flan:
Our creamy flan with Acapulco’s tropical touch – shredded coconut.
Flan Napolitano:
Delicous flan made with cream cheese – special recipe by Doña Esthela.
Corn Cake:
This delicious, semi-sweet dessert, between cake and pudding, is a favorite of Mexicans..
National Ice-Cream:
Creamy vanilla, coconut, and chocolate; or lime sherbert.

Coffees & Desserts

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