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Luis Walton: "El Cabrito is one of my favorite restaurants. They have captured the essence of traditional Mexican food with a family atmosphere and incredible service. The Mole Oaxaqueño is the best I have ever tasted!"

Pancho Villa (Famous Mexican Revolutionary): "I came back from the dead to visit El Cabrito for the savory, uncomparable, fire-roasted Cabrito al Pastor! The Birria Estilo Jalisco is also one of my favorites”!

Carlos Guillen (Austin, TX - USA): "El Cabrito Restaurant is one of Acapulco's many treasures. Having traveled throughout Mexico, I'm convinced that El Cabrito is also a treasure of the Mexican Republic. Their menu is very unique. You can sample the flavors of all the regions of Mexico in this one restaurant. Their mole negro could start the next Mexican revolution. ¡Viva Zapata - Viva El Cabrito!"

David Snyder (Bainbridge Island, WA - USA): "The cabrito was delicious and the sopa de charro was out of this world. Thank you”!

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