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Cabrito al Pastor: Baby Goat – the specialty of the house since 1963.

Cabecita de Cabrito: Broiled head of Goat – for the most discerning palate.

Ribeye Steak: Selected beef steak – charcoal grilled, served with fresh steamed vegetables, baked potato or French fries.

Filet Migñon: The finest Filet Migñon, broiled to your taste – accompanied by a fresh salad and French fries.

Tampiqueña de Filete: Quality beef tenderloin, gently marinated and broiled to your taste. Served with an array of Mexican specialties: Enchilada, refried beans, chips, guacamole and Poblano chili.

Brocheta de Filete: Beef Shish-Kebab, freshly prepared, charcoal broiled – served with rice and fresh steamed vegetables. (20 minutes)

Tampiqueña de Filete

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