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El Cabrito’s menu also offers original recipes, such as “el Pollo en Verde a la parrilla” (grilled chicken in green sauce); “el Queso Fundido con camarones y tocino” (broiled mexican cheese with shrimp and bacon); and the best shrimp in Acapulco, “Al Tequila” (Tequila shrimp).

Many famous personalities from television, diplomacy, movies & film, politics, sports, gastronomy, and mainly the public have enjoyed on a daily basis El Cabrito’s mexican cuisine. It is our customers who set the stardards to help us raise bar and motivate us to offer only the highest quality dishes. The Galeana family has just begun producing their famous Black Mole to make it available to the general public, so that everyone can enjoy this gourmet, Oaxacan style mole sauce.

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