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History of El Cabrito Restaurant

On the Costera Miguel Alemán #304 in front of the Hornos beach in Acapulco, Guerrero, is where El Cabrito Restaurant was first opened in 1963. Founded by Señor Jorge Galeana García and Señora Esthela Vaca Gutiérrez with a menu containing a great variety of mexican appetizers, such as: “tamales”, “sopes”, “tostadas”, “enchiladas”, “pozole”, “mole negro”, or “cabrito al pastor”, just to mention a few.

Since the beginning, El Cabrito Restaurant faced an enemy...“How does one eat cabrito in Acapulco when logic dictates one should rather have fish and seafood?” As the restaurant flourished, this enemy converted itself into an ally to the great satisifaction of the Galeana Vaca family; people in Acapulco not only learned to enjoy this plate, but they also converted themselves into “connoisseurs” in these matters. Today, Acapulco is, undoubtedly, the most demanding consumer of cabrito in all of Mexico.

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