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What is Cabrito?

What is Cabrito?

Son of the male goat (buck) and the female goat (doe), themselves belonging to the subfamily of the “Caprine”, itself comprised in the family of the bovines.
Contrary to their parents, goats that are destined to be cooked over an open flame, are reared in a special way, hence their name “al pastor”.

A cabrito that is about to be cooked in this manner should not be older than two and a half months. Consequently, the fattening of the cabrito must be optimal. In order to do so, it requires a careful way of feeding based on a diet of mother’s milk and adequate food which allows the cabrito to produce meat, fat and the required size so quickly. Once you roast the cabrito while using this cooking technique, without adding any condiments, you get a very distinct, quite incomparable flavor.

On the other hand, the way the cabrito is cooked (baked or stewed) is not as important as the way it is fed (using a special diet of herbs and mother's milk) or the size of the cabrito. Using special marinades or condiments in the preparation of the cabrito alters and destroys the natural flavor of the cabrito.

The cabrito is divided into four parts: the ribs or shoulder; front leg or back leg; backstrap; and finally, the leg and kidney – the juicest part of the cabrito

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